Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

What started as a post in the World of Warcraft forums looking for a community that I could join where I wouldn’t be berated for being new, where anxious players could play without fear of being yelled at in group content turned into something truly wonderful.

If you are nervous about making a mistake while in a PUG group then this is the place for you. Over 900 like-minded players have joined this week and are running groups together, worry free.

We are a cross-faction (Alliance and Horde play together) and cross-server community.

Though the community is on the NA servers we have an EU channel on Discord for European players.

While you wait for the website:

visit the community Discord at:
join the in-game community at:
Just use this code while in the game: gPv9JYWFn94

Play the game without worry of being yelled at for making mistakes!

See you in World of Warcraft!